The ultimate goal of Occupy Wall Street?

Is no place sacred?  With so many points of view it seems the “Occupy” movement has a million opinions and no focus.  The melange takes the movement sideways.  If inequality is an issue, there needs to be a point around which it can coalesce and drive forward. Or is this just an excuse to congregate and express emotions?

From Occupy Wall Street - Occupy Leggo Land

Occupy Lego Land

Indellible Images

Originally I was going to title this blog as “A fine state of affairs”, apolgies to Laurel and Hardy for that. Then I was going to entitle it “Indelible Images”, because, once a word is written, spoken or illustrated as an image it exists forever. The ink or paint on the paper may fade or weep and die, the pixels may disperse and disappear, but once seen, once observed, once considered, it lives, it is, and it always will be.  So, remember, as you view my posts or add your own, what you post will have long life and possibly great impact. So, while I kept the Blog name simple (I have another even simpler), the topics here should not be simple but thoughts and information that spark discourse and discovery.

Roger W. Bodo 11-18-2011