Evolution of Person

I have observed that we all are born with certain core personality traits. However, that is not how we have to stay.  I know that in my formative years I was not the same person I am now — nor am I now the person that I may yet be before I leave the planet. Looking back over the years, I have adopted and incorporated into my personality some of the traits and mannerisms of people I have met and/or admired.  The success of this strategy, of course, is dependent on the choices of people who one chooses to admire and further on which traits of those person one selects to incorporate.  The results can be a wonderful combination or one ugly mess.  Fortunately, I have been blessed by those who have been in my life, who have influenced me and mentored me. I wish as much for others and hope that perhaps some of my commendable traits are those that will be modeled by others.

On the passing of Elmore Leonard

I only met the author, Elmore Leonard, once briefly but he was a good friend of a dear mentor of mine, Jack Ryan.  In fact Elmore used Jack’s name in some of his novels. And, reminiscing,  I was thinking how much Jack will miss  Elmore and how we are all ingredients in the same soup,  sometimes unaware of each other’s presence, each adding our own dash of flavor and zest and how, one by one, we mourn the missing ingredients and long to once again stir the pot and taste the soup. Perhaps we will in another kitchen and another time.