The Call

I know it is there, not by what it is, but by what it does.
I know it is there; its lilting voice calls to me at night.
It whispers softly in my waking ear. It remains
through my day in caressing breezes, always ready.
I do not see it yet I love it. It sets the world right.
It, like me, cannot be contained or restrained.
It comes and goes at will. Safe from sight.
Clouds reveal in swirls and eddies
That it is now as it always was,
Ready to lift me up.

And so I come to it, to play the captain’s role,
To launch upon it my desire, my craft, and me.
Once again yielding to the siren’s lyric soul, I sail,
A trusting voyager, upon an invisible sea.
(C) Roger w. Bodo 1998,2014