Robin Hood Repurposed

Today there is a developing line of thought in the USA (and perhaps the world) that reasons thus: The national public lands produce no tax revenue for the state that the Federal Lands are in. This land should be sold to private individuals or enterprises so they can be subject to state taxes . . . real estate, income, corporate, etc. So, by this reasoning, the lands and facilities paid for by the general public through their tax dollars over many years that set aside these public lands to secure and preserve natural resources or provide for the education and enjoyment, of all the citizens should be sacrificed for the benefit of those who can profit. Thus not only does the average tax paying citizen lose a resource that they paid for, they receive less for their ongoing taxes. Thus, those who have enjoyed recreation on the lands they paid for would no longer have access to those lands. In this case less is not more (except for the rich) it is less for more. It seems that this is a continuing line of thought that propose we should take from those who can least afford it because they have the least power to resist or respond. I would call this a reverse Robin Hood strategy. Take from the poor and give to the rich. In this version of the story, the wicked King and the Sheriff of Nottingham win.
(c) 2014 Roger W. Bodo