Words Taken to Deadly Extremes

Considering the latest stabbing and shooting episode by a troubled young California man, the sad thing is that the every day, run of the mill disrespect so many express for women and others becomes amplified and radicalized by those who are very sick, very evil or both. Words (and images) hold much power and if we as a society don’t start considering that words can kill in spirit and deed, and we don’t start controlling our tongues, then we have a bleak futures indeed. If we speak good things and speak well of each other and respect and honor the uniqueness of men and women in general and individually, then good will come of it. If not?

R. Bodo 2014

Holding Fast to the Past and $$$

I find it intriguing that our representatives are upset that the US Armed Forces are trying to meet their budget cuts by discarding old (50 and 60 year old) technology, tactics and bases and the congress prefers they meet their budget by cutting the 21st century equipment, facilities and tactics instead. I can only think that line of thinking is not wanting to lose the jobs attached to the old bases and equipment. This same myopia seems to be the pattern in education, economics and communications. Protect the old at the cost of our future.